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Eclipse Foundation Elections

The Eclipse Foundation holds elections for board members representing two very important groups within the Eclipse membership: the Committer Members and the Contributing Members. The terms of office for these elected board members is one year, commencing April 1.

Candidates and the community are encouraged to discuss the issues on the Foundation forum.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Eclipse Foundation Director

  • Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to the Eclipse Foundation. In brief, this means that they must base their decisions on the needs of the Eclipse Foundation before those of either themselves or their employer.
  • In terms of time requirements, the Board meets once a month for a one-hour conference call. It also meets face-to-face three times per year, typically in April, June, and October.
  • Expenses incurred by Directors who are employed by a Member Company are to be covered by the Member company. Directors who are self-employed or employed by a non-Member may have their expenses covered by the Eclipse Foundation.

2023 Elections

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2023 Eclipse Foundation Contributing Member and Committer Member elections for representatives to our Board of Directors.

Please see the announcement here.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2023 Elections process.

See the Quick Links here below for more details.

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